Home and Garden Ambiance With Decorative Water Fountains

There’s really nothing more peaceful than the sound of water running in a sparkling brook. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live where we can enjoy such sounds. Therefore, a lot of people are choosing to create this serene ambiance in their yards or right in their homes themselves. To do this, they are using decorative water fountains. These delightful additions to your home or garden come in many beautiful designs, sizes, and colors and are sure to enhance the beauty of any decor.

Many of the outdoor decorative water fountains are in the form of bird baths. After all, what bird isn’t going to want a little splash in whatever kind of water you provide? One of the greatest things about many of these outdoor fountains is that they require no additional plumbing. Each unit contains an internal pump that re-circulates the water over and over again. Some of are very heavy, so you should keep in mind that when you order one, you’re going to need help moving it into position. You can find lighter-weight fountains made of resin or fiberglass, but it you want a lovely marble or metal fountain it’s going to have some weight to it.

For a fountain within your home, you can choose from either table-top fountains or wall mounted ones. Both kinds are delightful and will provide your family with hours of peaceful viewing. There’s just something calming about watching and listening to water. Table top fountains come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and decorator styles. For example, you can find an exotic Japanese water fountain that incorporates motifs such as Buddhas and bamboo. In addition, you can find contemporary styles, country designs, and nostalgic fountains. There are so many different styles available that there’s bound to be something that will blend well into any decor.

Wall-mount decorative water fountains are a joy for people who don’t have a lot of extra space. Equipped with re-circulating fountain water pumps, they hang on your wall wherever you have the space, indoors or out. Some of these wall fountains are designed to give you a historical look with “carved” lion heads and guardian angels. Other models are sleeker and more contemporary and look like boxes with sheets of water coming down in a soothing continuous motion. Whatever style you’re looking for, you’re certain to find a decorative water fountain that will become a treasured conversation piece in your home or yard.

Four Facts About Outdoor Wall Fountains to Make You Think About Redecorating Your Home Or Garden

Many people nowadays use fountains to decorate their homes and gardens. These can range from small simple things, to huge boastful behemoths. If you would like to achieve a similar effect but avoid the posturing and awkwardness, something small yet elegant would definitely do the trick, turning any free space you have into a brand new kinetic piece of art.

A wall fountain is great for decorating walls in the home, but work equally as well in a garden or back yard. There are many things to know before purchasing, as it is all too easy to see something you like the look of and buy it straight away, only to realize your have made a mistake, so read on to prevent this.

Attach anywhere

The beauty of outdoor wall fountains is that they can be placed almost anywhere you have free space. By hanging them on a bracket on an empty wall, you immediately change it and give the wall a new purpose; to entertain and calm you. This is achieved with such ease that it is almost hard to believe!

Water pump

Many outdoor wall fountains will be self-circulating, that is, the water keeps going round and round, eliminating the need for a mains water supply. Some will require the water supply, so if you have no mains connection near your desired location then be sure to buy one that is self circulating.

Power supply

Naturally each fountain will need to be connected to a power source to move the water pump. Be sure that there is an available source of power in the desired area before buying!


You are spoiled for choice when you buy a wall fountain, with designs ranging from modern to classical, so take your time and fund the right one!

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